01 October 2011

What is wrong with my country??

Today, I've been reading posts on We Are the 99 Percent. Read some. Read some more. I could SO EASILY be among those posts... I am simply bloody lucky and feeling grateful every day for where I live and the opportunities I have.

What's the matter with the US?  Not only do I have a job, but what's more, with a Belgian contract I have protection for that job (which I needed desperately earlier this year when my American-based employer would have preferred to get rid of my position ASAP and pay as little as they possibly could in compensation, too bad for me ... My children and I were figures on a spreadsheet as far as they were concerned). Oh, and health care. So I don't have to worry if I need an ambulance or break my leg. Or my kids do. I can't understand for the life of me what some Americans have against health care... America, who already spends so much money on health care, the whole country could be covered. It is sad. I pay what some consider "a lot" in taxes but you know what? Not worrying about getting sick or changing jobs and staying insured is totally worth it.

If I have to hear one more time from someone about how the unemployed "deserve" to be unemployed, that they simply aren't doing enough, that there must be something wrong with them, or that universal health care is some kind of oooo-hooo scary socialism that will "ruin" America, I will throw up. The country is being ruined but certainly not by legislation ensuring that employers don't run riot over their employees, or by making sure that the citizens of  this very rich country have access to health care.

Go Occupy Wall Street !

We are the 99%. (Photo credit)
UPDATE: Occupy Wall Street protests grow.

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