13 January 2012

The Slog

Work in Progress Update: Just made a submission to my writers workshop of two more (or less) chapters in the work in progress. Still don't know what I'm doing most of the time. In case you're wondering. No one really talks much about this part of creating a novel. Maybe it's different for everyone. For me it is much much harder than I ever imagined. Every so often I cobble a few thousand words together, and it starts to feel like "something". That part feels pretty good, but in between those moments it is a real slog, and I wonder if the good part will ever return. So far it does, but it's a huge act of self-confidence, and faith in the creative process. I'm not even sure I care about how "good" it is anymore. I just want to be able to say I wrote this thing from start to finish - especially the finish. I want to get to those two magic word, THE END, with a minor amount of self-respect and satisfaction. Then, don't worry, I'll shut up about it already!

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