24 April 2012

My most beautiful thing

Someone had a fountain built at the top of Avenue Louise for a poet who died young, who no one has ever heard of, let alone any of his work. Thousands of people drive by this fountain every day and don't know it is there. Yet it exists, and someone once cared enough about somebody else to create this beautiful thing, which I think is tragic and heartening and beautiful altogether.


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  1. Beautiful but sad - so many of the good die young.

  2. You're right - I even worked right near that location and never registered the fountain. Who's the poet?

  3. The poet is Odilon-Jean Périer.

    I posted about it last autumn, when I discovered it myself! http://cecinestpasunecuisine.blogspot.com/2011/11/hidden-brussels.html

  4. I looked him up... interesting piece of trivia is that his one and only novel, Le Passage des Anges, may have been the inspiration for the Wim Wenders movie that inspired the Hollywood flick City of Angels. All things lead to America.