23 May 2012

"Cultivating solitude and fantasy"

Granta 119
Had the good fortune yesterday to attend a reading by Adam Foulds, author of The Broken Word and The Quickening Maze (for more info here's an interview he did with the Guardian). In response to one of the questions he described his writer's life as that of "cultivating solitude and fantasy" -- which I found immensely validating. I wanted to ask him more about how exactly he cultivates that solitude but I didn't get a chance. He was in Brussels as part of a promotional tour with Granta's online editor Ted Hodgkinson, held at Sterling Books. I told Mr Hodgkinson to please come back and bring more writers to Brussels! But also I am now mulling over the idea of approaching him to see if he'd be interested in, if he and/or Granta do another similar event, setting up a dinner with the author and Brussels-based writers afterwards...We had a great time meeting Jackie Kay a couple years ago. Am going to pick the brain of Martin on this...

Adam Foulds winning Costa Poetry Award for The Broken Word (credit)

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