07 May 2012

Marketing and Mjölnir

Had what turned out to be a seriously discouraging conversation the other day with another writer. Now I can't look at my embryonic manuscript without thinking how utterly unmarketable it is. I think of what I've been doing lately, so happily, and all I hear are echoes of the words I heard throughout my formative years.... That something is only worth doing if it makes money... Don't do X, there's no money in that....If you *have* to write, why don't you write one of those kind....  I thought I banished those echoes ages ago but apparently no, the little demons just went into hiding and were all too happy to pop back out when they saw their chance. 

A little like Thor, perhaps, thinking he was done with Loki. But the thing is, Thor may be done with Loki, but Loki is never done with Thor.

Maybe that's why Thor's hammer is such that it always finds a way back to Thor's hand, is so powerful that it will crush anything no matter how bad Thor's aim, and yet when he wants it can be so small that it can fit underneath his tunic.

I quite like that hammer-in-the-skirt idea. Must work on that.

Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor.

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