11 June 2012

Day job, dream job...

Writing away from home is harder than it looks.

Despite being prepared and aware, it was very very difficult to stick to my plans. I was able to write in my journal, but it was a little like sleeping in the hotel bed: I slept, but it wasn't like regular sleep.

I could not get down to the work in progress at all. Mentally I couldn't get there. Maybe if I had more experience, I would have been able to focus faster, focus better? I don't know.

There was very little time for solitude, for mental space. There was little time for fresh air, for a walk around the block.

Sometimes I felt I was looking across a great divide... observing other people, doing what they care about, possibly what they love, and knowing that wasn't true for me.

Not that I want to turn into those other people. But it would be nice to get a little closer.

Not there yet.

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