27 August 2012

Flaneuse 2

Again I walked for no purpose other than walking. I walked a walk that is a chain of parks -- the Bois de la Cambre (the edge of it), Parc Wolvendael, Parc Brugman, and Parc Montjoie -- with a minor detour into Dieweg Cemetery. Hergé is buried there, Tintin's creator, and Paul Hankar, the architect -- though I have to say that I have never found Hergé's grave. The Cemetery was very dry and dusty -- the driest and dustiest I have ever seen it. It must have suffered in that week of heat we had. But once deep inside, the dust gave way to moss and shadow and the overrunning vegetation filtered the light.

Back on the streets, it was quiet and in some places nearly deserted. Usually things start to pick up again about now in Brussels, but my impression today was that this was not the case. The turn has not yet occurred...

I am not complaining.

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