10 September 2012

The Studio

I have these ideas all the time, I just never do anything more with them.

Why, I think is really not that important – it's the usual combination of uncertainty (is it *really* a good idea?),  not knowing where to start, and waffling (am I or am I not prepared to commit). 

Today's idea came from talking with a friend who was telling me how she needs more space to herself. I told her she could always come and write in my place – the girls would be at school, I would be writing at my own desk or off to work; she could have the dining room and full use of the kitchen and we would agree not to talk or anything. I don't know whether or not she will actually do this, but it got me thinking:
What if she did? What if there are other people like her, too, who need a space to create?

A space to create... (Credit/Source.)

So the idea came: what if I/we/me and whoever else created a writers studio? It could be like a yoga studio, only instead of coming for yoga classes you come to write. Kind of like the library when you were at school: there'd be big communal tables, and some smaller, one-person tables, and a kitchen where you could take a break (quietly), and reference books, atlases, and wifi. The atmosphere would be quietly inspirational. There'd be an agreed vow of silence except in the kitchen. Financially, it could work like a yoga studio, too: buy a month, three months, six months or a year of access. Or something like that. Something that would finance the place and running costs. Essentially, it would be a place to be alone away from home, kind of like Arvon, only in Brussels, and you could come every day and not just one special week. It would be a dedicated space for writers to come and practice their art, in peace, in calm, among other writers.

Inspiration: the library at Arvon Foundation's Lumb Bank. (Credit/source.)

There could possibly be readings and other events from time to time, but these would not be the main focus.

Would this, could this work? I wish I could buy the flat that's for sale downstairs from me, and maybe find out.

And if I didn't get enough writers at first, I could always give a couple of yoga classes....


  1. Such things certainly work over here, although I don't avail myself of them because I write more comfortably in my own home office. If you get a chance to go for it, I say go for it.

  2. Thanks, Jane! I found a place that's close to what I was thinking of, in Nottingham, UK: http://www.nottinghamwritersstudio.co.uk/

    Who knows if it would work in Bxls! Maybe it would... it wouldn't have to be limited to writers writing in English, either...