28 March 2012

Compromise quiche

...because who says everyone wants to eat the same thing?

One side is spinach-ricotta, the other side is "vaguely lorraine" (i.e., minus the pesky leeks).  I adapted two recipes and will post it all in the near future. But I have to say right away that the ingenious thing I did was to use the leftover pastry to create a barrier reef down the centre, to prevent cross-contamination. It worked like a dream!

27 March 2012


This time last year, while in the process of moving house, I was made redundant. So I was moving house,  losing my job, and wondering what the hell I was going to do, pretty much all at the same time. It was an awful time and I didn't blog about it, or if I did, not very much, as it felt generally outside the scope of this blog and there wasn't much to say about it, either. It was what it was.  There was stress and tumult and months of my stomach being upset; my plan to complete a good first draft of novel delayed; and the books are still not back in alphabetical order. But now it is one year later and what a relief that is.

23 March 2012

Making a Splash

Hey! I'm taking part in a "blogsplash" -- wow! --  to celebrate beautiful things, inspired by Fiona Robyn's new novel The Most Beautiful Thing. (You may recognize Fiona from Writing Our Way Home and the small stones events.)

What's a blogsplash, you ask? Well, this blogsplash is an organized, one-day event: on 24 April, bloggers from all over the world will post about their most beautiful things.  

 Inspired? Find out more here.

Personally, this couldn't come at a better time. Lately I've been trying to post beautiful words and images on my tumblr blog (sorry, still don't know if non-tumblrs can easily comment), so this fits right in with my current mindset.  My plan is to use the time between now and 24 April to generate a wealth of beauty from my world.... And then pick the best one.

So....What is your most beautiful thing? 

16 March 2012

Taking to Tumblr

I'm going to blog from my Tumblr blog for a while... I really love Tumblr, how it looks and feels and makes me want to add something beautiful to the blogOsphere.  Please join me while I indulge myself....I'm easy to find because that blog is also called ceci n'est pas une cuisine...  http://cecinestpasunecuisine.tumblr.com/