27 April 2012

Running away without leaving home

In between attempts to crank out some serious word count, I've added some blogs I've been following lately to my blogroll -
1. Seth's Blog - One of the sharpest, savviest minds in the blogOsphere.
2. Sustainably Creative - How to take a sofa day, and more.
3. Zen Habits - Ah, Leo. Check out his beginner's guide and start to breathe again.
4. Brussels Writers' Circle - hooray for the home team, and the shiny new website!

In print I've been dipping into Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit ("Art is the only way to run away without leaving home") and devouring the oeuvre of Mary Wesley.

What about you - yeah, you, out there. Reading anything good lately? Want to share?

24 April 2012

My most beautiful thing

Someone had a fountain built at the top of Avenue Louise for a poet who died young, who no one has ever heard of, let alone any of his work. Thousands of people drive by this fountain every day and don't know it is there. Yet it exists, and someone once cared enough about somebody else to create this beautiful thing, which I think is tragic and heartening and beautiful altogether.


What's your most beautiful thing? Participate in Fiona Robyn's blogsplash today! 

23 April 2012


I'm considering moving to a very short posting format along the lines of Seth's Blog....Check him out if you don't know him. That guy is so impressive! I'd still cover the topics I usually do, like food, cooking, writing, living in Brussels, etc, but maybe also expanding to cover areas I tend to shy away from, like work and relationships and bad habits, things like that. Put myself out on the edge a bit more. It might do me some good. I'm thinking about it.