24 June 2012

But is it any good?

The short and honest answer is, I don't know.

I don't know, and have no way of knowing.

I don't know to the point that I can't even think about "good" any more. It just is what it is and I call it a good day if, at some point, I amuse myself.

22 June 2012

I'm not in this for the stats, but...

I have just looked at my blog stats for the first time in ages and can't believe that, as of today, the post that featured Thor's hammer has received almost 1000 hits. That's more than the one about baking in translation (American-to-metric conversions)!

Not sure what conclusions may be drawn at this point, apart from the apparently enduring draw of Norse mythology?

20 June 2012

Infrequnetly Asked Question No. 2: Why doesn't this blog have all the answers?

A lot of blogs I see give advice.

How to do X, how to do Y, how you can improve your Z in 10 easy steps, in 10 minutes a day!

Then they'll try to sell you their guide to life, the universe and everything.

Sometimes I admire these bloggers. Others of them get right up my nose.

I have to confess -- or maybe assure you -- that this blog has no answers.

It has never pretended to have them, and never will.

As far as I can see, this blog will continue to be inconsistent, unsystematic, dare I say organic, and make no attempt to sell you anything or "monetize" (what a horrible word),  in direct contradiction to all the so-called collected wisdom about how to have a "successful" blog...

and be quite happy about it.

16 June 2012

A possibility arises

Discovered the UEA has online classes. Not cheap but not outrageous. Application process for academic year 2012/13 should begin soon.

I can't come up with a good reason not to explore this.

11 June 2012

Day job, dream job...

Writing away from home is harder than it looks.

Despite being prepared and aware, it was very very difficult to stick to my plans. I was able to write in my journal, but it was a little like sleeping in the hotel bed: I slept, but it wasn't like regular sleep.

I could not get down to the work in progress at all. Mentally I couldn't get there. Maybe if I had more experience, I would have been able to focus faster, focus better? I don't know.

There was very little time for solitude, for mental space. There was little time for fresh air, for a walk around the block.

Sometimes I felt I was looking across a great divide... observing other people, doing what they care about, possibly what they love, and knowing that wasn't true for me.

Not that I want to turn into those other people. But it would be nice to get a little closer.

Not there yet.

07 June 2012

Murray Sons & Co Ltd Whitehall Tobacco Works

The view from the Days Hotel of Belfast is of low cloud pierced by spires, car parks and the commuter rail, the commuters a file of overcoats down the platform.

A block away is Great Victoria Street, with a fancy buildings and famous pubs...

The Murray Sons & Co Ltd Whitehall Tobacco Works, a veritable fortress, has its front door closed, no one going in or out, windows dark. (A few cars are parked in the back lot  -- old Mr Murray? One of his sons?)

This is a place with visible scars, still in the process of healing.

It is good to be reminded how little I know.

04 June 2012

Writing on the road

In my dread of the run-up to being away from home for my job, I asked Google for help with writing while on the road. I found some nice tips on "writing away" at The Juggling Writer....

Here's to planning and getting up early (time zone change in my favour which is helpful).

Will one day humans pray to a god called Google, the almighty algorithm, who has all the answers?

 I'll try to check in later. Wish me luck.