18 January 2014

A chance encounter on the no. 3 Tram

Well, hello ! Long time no see. So glad at last to have the changce to catch up. I'm sorry, I got a little occupied last year.... You know how it is. Job...kids... Brussels Charity Bake-Off.  It's hard to stop things getting away from you. And I really wanted to blog about the bake-off, but was afraid to give away too much. Some teams were very competitive! In the end, our team, Gateauverit, was awarded Best Overall Baker. Here, let me show you what we made. Really, it'll just take a moment.

This was the pie... quine with cocoa frangipane in a sour cream pastry, topped with a pastry cameo of Queen Elizabeth II. Sadly the judges didn't think it tasted as good as it looked.

This was the Christmas Signature Bake, a Buche de Noel hybrid (the main log chocolate and vanilla cream, the branches tiramisu). This earned us an honorable mention (it might have done better if we had managed to make the spun sugar doecorations as inteded. But we burned three batches of sugar, then gave up).

And this was our finest moment: a three-layer cake that when cut revealed the colors of the Belgian flag, topped by the Grand'Place in speculoos with a sugar-sparkle flower carpet.

See? Months of baking reduced to a couple of photos on a little-known blog. We really must do better this year, mustn't we? Yes, we must. I'll get in touch next week, I promise. Talk to you soon!

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