21 February 2014

Event: The Time of the Author

What does it mean for an author to be contemporary or modern?
How do artistic relevance and current affairs relate to one another?
How can literature and imagination respond
to the challenges of our time?

the time of the author

wed 12.03 | flagey | 20:15 I en

Seven authors from as many different countries share reflections on what is the role and place of literature in today's world, and on how literature and news relate to one another.
With Céline Curiol (FRA), Joke Hermsen (NLD), Iman Humaydan (LBN), Jens Christian Grøndahl (DNK), Anne Provoost (BEL), Goce Smilevski (MKD) and Juan Gabriel Vásquez (COL). Host: Ortwin De Graef.
This special evening concludes the first Passa Porta Seminar, during which writers and thinkers will be spending three days together (from 10 to 12 of March) at Villa Hellebosch (Vollezele). They will be presenting keynotes and share ideas.

wed 12.03 | 20:15 | Flagey (Studio 1), place Sainte Croix, 1050 Bruxelles
EN | € 10 / 8
Booking advised: www.flagey.be or 02 641 10 20.

Presented by PassaPorta. For more information see here.

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