18 March 2008

New notebooks

I was so happy to discover these gorgeous notebooks last week in the stationery shop.
I've been using these for the past year or so -- the extra-large version with squares, in black.
The colourful ones are from the same company, and I all but pounced on them.
The downside, however (why is there always a downside?), is that the extra-large, squared cahier that I like to use doesn't come in the new colours. Why not?? I wrote to Moleskine and asked, but they haven't replied. Fingers crossed, maybe I can special order them, without paying a small fortune.
In the meantime, I'm struggling with the smaller size, ruled-line format. And there's no little pocket in the back cover either.
Please, nice Moleskine people. Will you please make me some extra-large squared cahiers in dark and light pink?

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