27 March 2008

The Rialto

If you don't know The Rialto, take a look. Sadly you can't see any content, but perhaps that will change with the new site to be launched in August. For a long time I couldn't find any new issues and I thought it had ceased to exist. Then happily, a few months ago I discovered that not only was it still around, but it was possible to subscribe on line, with a credit card, etc -- which is noteworthy because so many of these magazines still only accept payment only by "cheque" on a UK bank. One magazine I used to subscribe to by sending the equivalent in euros in cash through the post! Honestly, if I could have renewed by credit card, even over the phone, I would still be a subscriber.... So thank you, Rialto, not just for your poems, but for moving on up to the 21st century!

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