19 May 2008


The plan today was to post a poem that uses the title of this blog, but now I don't feel like doing that. Now I feel like writing about Lucy.

When we planned the reading we did last week, we decided to ask an admission fee to cover the cost of the venue. We then thought that if there was any money leftover, we could donate that to a charity.

Various charities came to mind but in the end it hit us: fellow writer Lucy has been battling cancer for more than a year, so why not give it to the Institut Jules Bordet, where she is being treated?

Ultimately we raised about €150.

Which feels like a lot from something people often think "makes nothing happen."

Lucy had surgery last week. She has to have chemo, and then more surgery. She says she is taking one day at a time, and I think she is incredibly courageous.

While "one day at a time" is all that any of us can ever do, most of us don't have to actually face it.

And what can I write that brings comfort in the face of that?

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