29 September 2008

I've been roused...

I've been roused from my mulling by an article in today's Guardian: Hockey moms are key players in hunt for women's vote.

The author of the article, Suzanne Goldenberg, interviews "hockey moms" in Livonia, Michigan -- right around the corner from where I grew up. Here's what a couple of them has to say:

[Susan] Wejroch, who says she will vote for the Republican ticket in November, does not think that Palin's career as Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate makes McCain's running mate any less focused on her traditional role. "Even though she is involved in such a high position in her state, she makes sure she has got time for her family," says Wejroch.


"[Palin] just seems like someone you can relate to. Hillary Clinton doesn't seem like you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with her," says Vicky Rokas, a solid Republican voter who counts herself a Palin fan.

For Rokas, who has spent years shuttling three hockey-playing children to practice and out-of-state tournaments, Palin's hockey mom experience is just as valid as her professional credentials.

While I really wonder whether it is worth repeating quotes like these, I have to ask: when are we going to get past this hockey mom nonsense? Since when do we vote for Pres/Vice Pres on the basis of whether we'd like to have coffee with them? This is not a popularity contest. It's a presidential election.

Personally, I don't want a VP who is devoted to his/her family. I want a VP that's devoted to being VP. Who cares about traditional roles at this level? What are people thinking? Hm, let's have a president who can only do one thing at a time, and a VP whose credentials include taking her children to sports practice. Sorry, Republican party.... But the fact that you think I'll vote like that is insulting to my intelligence.

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  1. Alas there is a precedent for this, Thatcher was fond of telling people that because she managed the family's shopping budget she was equipped to oversee the nations finances. Sad really but some people will buy it. Hopefully it won't be enough but if they manage to marry off her daughter before 4/11 live on a Fox; oh I don't want to think about it.