16 September 2008

Ladies, Look Closer. Please!

I continue to be alarmed by women who approve of Sarah Palin. One report quotes an ABC/Washington Post poll suggesting McCain's approval rating with white women had improved by 20 points since Palin was brought on board.

Equally alarming, when a reporter asked Mrs Palin's supporters there if there were any specific policies of hers they admired,
None could name a single one, but that did not seem to dampen their admiration.
Ladies, this is a woman who does not support reproductive liberty.  Are we really ready to give that up?  She may be a mother of five, but since when does parenthood qualifiy someone to be the 2d in command of our country? Is this a person who could lead the free world out of financial chaos and make crucial foreign policy decisions?

She's taken over the media for the moment. But this is no time to give in to glossy images....  The "working mother"  image may strike a chord with many of us, but if it does we have got to ask ourselves, did it also strike a chord when it was Hilary? If not, why not?

Palin's surely being put through a PR  machine.  She may not be styled as "old Washington" but how much of a regular joette can she be?  Is a state governor home by 5 most nights making dinner for her family or schlepping the groceries, school books, etc like the rest of us? Admire the image that's being presented if you want to... But it's got to go deeper than that in a presidential election.


  1. Good post, very good post, but what is a joette

  2. Well, there's regular joe, you're familiar with him.... So I figured the feminine form is "regular jo(e)-ette". Does it work? Maybe not....

  3. Perhaps this translation will be of assistance: Regular joe (AmE) = Man on the street (BrE)

  4. For regular joe we'd probably say normal bloke but luckily coffee is coffee wherever you are