04 November 2008

A wider field

This off the BBC live feed:

Cowboy Frankie in Jacksonville says: I'm amazed and humbled at the level of interest in this election outside the US. The American "brand" has suffered greatly in the last 8 years around the world, and I want that to change....

I wish more of my compatriots understood what this election means to the rest of the world.

A classmate of my daughter's, in other words an 8 year-old French-speaking Belgian schoolgirl, came up to me yesterday afternoon when I collected the girls. Her greeting? "Go Obama!"

With her accent the vowels ran together so it came out more like "Gobama".

I am suspiciously close to being proud of my country.


  1. Hi,
    Did you look at what I sent you on facebook? Scary and I wish I could read that to all Americans before they go and vote.
    Now we ahve to wait and see and that is the hard part! I bet you don't sleep tonight! Luckily for me it will be morning for me to watch it all.

  2. I must have missed the facebook thing -- will go and look for it. Lucky you with the time difference in your favour. Sophia says she'll get up 6 tomorrow to watch election coverage before she goes to school!