20 December 2008

O Tannenbaum

We bought a tree at the local supermarché and carried it home. I told the girls this was as close as we were going to get to going to the woods, chopping one dow, and lugging it home. They said, 'Mummy*, people are looking at us', more to inform me than out of mortification (because they're used to that by now). I told them if they caught anyone's eye they should smile and say MERRY CHRISTMAS! as loud as they could. It's never too late to build happy family holiday memories.

The tree is now decorated and I shall display it for you forthwith.


*OK, I don't actually know whether they call me Mummy, Mommy, Maman, etc. I have heard the term, whatever it is, so often that I don't recognize it any more. They could whine any word that starts with M and I would think they were addressing me.


  1. you are hilarious!!
    You sure have a way of writing a story, I really enjoy your stories