21 January 2009

Sick again...

And now Daughter the Eldest is sick too. I have precisely 120 minutes before Little Dancer needs collecting from school (usually they come home together on a Wednesday). There is no food in the house apart from, perhaps, 3 eggs and some 2-day-old sugarbread (kind of like brioche only with lumps of sugar in it. Actually not too bad). I am still sneezy and disgusting, though more rested. A trip to the local grocery store should cure that.

If I could bother to search for an image for you today, it would be a giant box of kleenex. We are currently hosting both "Ultra Soft" and "High School Musical" varieties. 

Now, off to score some chicken soup.....


  1. In 3 short days, you should have a huge source of food coming...your father!! haha I know he always loves buying all kinds of snacks when he comes here.Cheerios are on their way. I talked to your mom today.
    Are the girls excited to see G&G? It's been so long.

  2. Make sugary eggy bread (French toast).

  3. Leila, you can be the queen of all things toast...I see you posted your toast piece :)
    Patti, not only will they be bringing food, they will probably have to cook it too! I officially have a virus.....