15 January 2009

There will be something for supper tonight besides toast

Thanks to all who joined in on BMT. Mine was rather extended into Wednesday. I don't know if today is looking more up, but at least there is likely to be something for supper tonight besides toast. Personal experience note: the satisfaction potential of fish fingers is seriously overrated.

Some people were asking about seeing some work (ok, maybe one person was), and I've been thinking about the pros and cons of posting some. Some of the cons have to do with presentation... Deciding whether it's OK for me to share in manuscript form, or whether I'd prefer it to look more polished. This also touches on a question I've been asking myself lately, which is, do I want to produce a "limited edition" book. Maybe I do! Why not, I even met someone not so long ago who either made paper, or bound books, or something like that (Happy? Bunny? Sunshine, perhaps? If you're out there, get in touch!).

Have I previously shared how stupid it feels to talk about writing stories that no one may ever see? If not let me assure you now. It sure feels stupid! However I'd just like to say that I'm about ready to submit a story. I finished the last big round of edits and am re-reading it now for "flow". And typos. And general idiocy-proofing.


Daughter the Eldest: Mommy, you look tired. What did you have for lunch?

Me: I didn't have any lunch. I was too busy.

D the E: Poor Mommy! That's not good. You have to eat lunch.

Me: (fainting) I have no strength, but you are wonderful....

(Later I ate cold crusts of toast she had left on her plate. How fortunate she had not cleaned up! Now there's a lesson....)


  1. Well, I, for one, have read a story but Jeanette, and it was a very fine story. One rather effusive person in the writing group declared it the equal of a New Yorker story. Haven read the New Yorker fairly regularly for the last few years now, I have to concur. Still, you're being chicken. Not that many people read blogs. I have my own blog stats to demonstrate that.

  2. Hey Bosco, good to hear from you! Have you started posting again? I (sadly) thought you had stopped.