04 February 2009

Random musings on a very grey Wednesday

Wrote about 500 words this morning at the dining room table. Insert virtual blue dolphin sticker here... Am so hungry lately I'm eating sandwiches for breakfast. Bacon on toast with tomato and mayo. Ham on brioche. Whatever next? ... Also am dying for a curry but too weak at night to go out and get it. They do not deliver. And you have to wait till they open, which is at least 7. After 11 years in Europe (Belgium) I still can't understand why you cannot get the food you want whenever you want it. What's wrong with this country??? There's clearly a market for service and profit to be made from it. Case in point: the proliferation of supermarkets open on a Sunday. Of course they are not the regular supermarkets but special, smaller versions of the big chains called things like "Delhaize Proxy" or "GB Express". These are allowed to be open on a Sunday. (In the past, until about 4 years ago, god help you if you ran out of something between 8 pm on a Saturday and 9 am on a Monday.) At first there were just one or two of these about but now they are everywhere. And they are always packed. If I'd had my wits about me or any sort of business sense or capital, I'd have bought one of these franchises. And then I'd have stocked them with bagels...

Anyway I am pleased about the 500 words.

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