10 April 2009

It's too nice to be blogging. And there are eggs to buy. I mean these:

So this will be quick. It's probably the nicest day we'll have in Brussels all summer. A couple of things:

1.  Naturalisation dossier is IN. Went to the maison communale this morning. Everyone in Ixelles and their brother was there a
lready, because Ixelles changed its parking policy this month and now everyone needs residential permits. I got mine in March, but had to wait in the same long line. Still,  most people were cheerful and nobody tried to jump the queue. Had to go to two different windows, paid a total of 47 euros, got a nice stamped piece of paper that says I have asked to become a Belgian. The lady at the guichet said I would get a letter in the mail. "If you don't hear back in about 4 months, wait a little longer." Vive la Belge!

2. I wrote to the Bulletin, a local magazine in English aimed at foreigners, about the secondary school inscription problem. I told them th
ey were missing a trick, that this was a sottry they should be covering. Did they write back? Even a teensy tiny thank-you email? The answer is NO. Also did not get any reply to suggesting that they list this blog 
on the "Brussels blogs" page of their website -- Xpats.com.  Not even an automatically generated generic response email.  No wonder the magazine is hemorrhaging readers.

3.  In case I don't come back till next week,




as the case may be.

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  1. The Bulletin is getting really rubbish. The letters page this week was devoted to 1) someone complaining that they had their bag nicked in Sacha, and 2) someone complaining that the audience at the Bozar clapped in the wrong places during an opera.