09 May 2009

Is it a coincidence? You decide....

Today I planned to post about the ProBlogger Challenge, and then I find that the latest post on Blogging Without A Blog says

Don’t write about blogging.

The only people who really care about blogging are bloggers themselves.


Well, I'm going to do it anyway.

Why? Because it shouldn't be a secret. Yes, I'm trying to improve this blog, and there are lots of other bloggers who want to do the same. There are maybe even other writer-bloggers who struggle with balancing the book-writing and the blog-writing. So I'm going to share it all...

This is what I've discovered after doing the first 5 days of the Challenge :

It is very hard to work on the blog and keep up the regular work-in-progress.

I sympathize with the comment left by Ronnica on a recent post. I still think everything we do, creatively, counts, but the boundaries seem to be always shifting.... I have to be very firm with myself. It's so easy for something -- almost anything -- else to wiggle between me and the writing. I don't know why this should be the case, how even the minutest household task can
become so appealing. Is this merely procrastination again, in one of it's trickier forms? It is some sort of resistance, I am sure.... (And I've just found two interesting descriptions of resistance, and ideas for dealing with it, here and here. These are in the context of meditation but it's the same old resistance.)

The challenges have been great each day and I'm learning a lot. It's even exciting! But the biggest thing I've learned so far is, I've still got to pay attention to, and remain conscious of, my priorities.


  1. First, thank you for the link love.

    I laughed to myself when Matthew wrote that in his guest post - especially with my blog being about blogging.

    For bloggers I think it's difficult NOT to write about blogging as it's such a big part of our blog. Many others empathize with us and it's through those connections community is built.

    With regard to what you learned in the blogging challenge, I hear you. Finding balance between real life and blogging is an ongoing balancing act.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. I think it feels worse for blogger-writers because we're writing, but not the work-in-progess... But in another way it's good to know we're not the only ones with this issue!

  3. One problem I have is that the busier I get, the more there is to write about, yet I have no time in which to do so. I still haven't decided whether blogging is a useful or wasteful activity.

  4. I hear you, Lydia! Happily, I've been a little better this week about separating the two activities....