19 June 2009

A little over-optimistic with the word count

Three weeks into my "game plan" and I am having to revise some expectations.

The goal I set for myelf, each week, was to do 300 words each day, Mon-Fri, for a total of 1500 per week on my novel-in-progress (oh doesn't that sound grand!). I figured whatever I didn't manage Mon-Thurs I could make up on Friday.


I have been doing between 100 and 150 Mon-Thurs. I think most of this is quality and won't be jettisoned when editing later. How do I know this? Because before, I was fooling around, making notes, asking "what if" and "what if then". It was easy to rack up the words doing that! But now I have to actually write a scene and it is hard! It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I don't know why. It's like wading in taffy. Hence the taffy-wade word count... it is moving veeeerrrry slooooooowly.

I'm reducing expectations because otherwise, I'll be too discouraged. Already I see my weekly targets mounting, and the actuals lagging.

So now I am going for 150 words a day, Mon-Thurs. On Friday I will go for 500. That makes a new total of 1100 per week.

By the time I go on my course in November, I should have about 15,000 words (factoring in the school holidays, of course, when word count will plummet to 0).

But who knows. Maybe I'll get faster. That would be something.


  1. I give you all the credit in the word for pushing forward on your writing! It sounds tough. and you need self-motivation which I think is even tougher!! Don't give up. I want to see your work one day...I would love to read a novel by you!!!

  2. I'm pretty motivated, just not sure what I'm doing. I'm going to take it step by step... Thanks for being so encouraging!