22 June 2009

The other night....

The results of the latest Guardian Poetry Workshop came out. The poem I submitted wasn't picked for the results column, but in light of Button I am not too bothered. The poems chosen are quite different from mine, which might be considered -- ahem -- light by comparison. Eh, tant mieux. I said that I would post mine if it didn't make the results, so here goes. Remember, the theme was 'night'.

A Week of Nights

On Monday it was a wood floor, stripped
until it was nothing but light.

On Tuesday it was an eggshell, from the inside.
I could find no cracks.

On Wednesday there were bats as well,
but they couldn't crack it, either.

On Thursday, at last, I broke its code.
When I slept, I dreamed of neon.

On Friday the constellations
came alive and started roaming.

On Saturday they all drank too much
and were out until four in the morning!

On Sunday it was a blackboard,
but too far away to read.

Now Monday again. A blackboard again.
This time, the slate wiped clean.

photo credit: Saki Teke


  1. I like it! Can you read this one on yt also?

  2. : ) Thanks Patti. I'll see what I can do.