15 July 2009

Drawing a line

If I read one more blog post about "how to get more readers to your blog" I will scream. Not that it isn't useful, of course. I just feel like lately, I'm inundated with this sort of information. Also, I am urged, constantly, to join Twitter. I'm sorry, but I am not going to join Twitter. I am not interested in twits, tweets, twots, or whatever you call them. I have enough to do without converting the pithy, the mundane, the banal or the exotic bits of my life into 140-character lines of detail, then trying to convince total strangers to read them. Why does anyone think this is fun? Is everyone really so bored? Have we not got much better things to do? Besides which... I have 3 email accounts, a facebook profile, this blog, a mobile telephone and a landline. Additionally, I also actually speak to people, face to face, in real life. I mean no disrespect. Your line may be elsewhere. But hey, this is where I am drawing mine.


  1. sounds good to me! There are too many distractions in life (including fb) and we need to get back to Real Life!

  2. I hear you. I am all for jumping on Internet bandwagons, but I just don't get Twitter