25 August 2009

Come back, Leo!

I've discovered some strange things using Google Analytics and today was no exception. Today I found this blog had had two hits from three rotten things. I followed the link, rather dreading that one of my posts was going to be listed as a rotten thing. But instead I found that ceci n'est pas une cuisine (CNPUC?) is on three rotten thing's blog roll.

Rather chuffed, I skimmed through the 3RT blog. All too quickly, however, I realized that the blog was no longer live -- created earlier this year to "balance out" the 3BT sites (the Three Beautiful Thing type sites), barely one month into its life, Leo, the author, gave up.

Oh but why, Leo, why did you leave it? I wish I had found your blog sooner. I would put it on my blog roll. Your 3 rotten things were not rotten at all... fruit flies in the middle of winter, the crunch of very cold snow, realizing that you are the geezer at the end of the road... But I would love you just for this if nothing else:

A big, black button pops from Matt's coat sleeve and it makes tinny little sounds on the hard tiles, as it dances and jigs and skips away from us. Run, little button, run!
(from Saturday, 31 January)

Do you think I could persuade you to start again?

Come back, Leo!

photo: The author of three rotten things, from his blog.

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  1. They are beautiful tiny beautiful pieces of writing. Come back Leo!