31 August 2009

It's official...

Helsinki (my daughter) and I, last week, received identical, rather mysterious postcards from the maison communale last week, requesting that we come in and get new ID cards. I was particularly mystified because I'd renewed my 5-year card last year. But it turns out that we were asked to do this because my Belgian naturalization application has gone through, and -- without any further pomp or circumstance -- we are approved! We are going to be naturalized Belgians! Happily, we can retain our US citizenship, so I guess that makes us Belgo-Americans. Which is a little eerily reminiscent of the makers of SpaghettiOs, but nevermind. (Non-Americans, see here for what I'm talking about.)


  1. Congratulations :) I should get my temporary orange plastic card sometime this month - a step up from the typewritten piece of paper I currently carry around, but still a long way until I can request a Belgian passport.

  2. It took me 12 years Lydia..... Wow, I never had more than a typewritten yellow card the entire time : ) Hang in there!