12 November 2009

Balsamic vinegar, walking home in the dark and Dirty Dancing

1. Have invented a Salad Dressing of the Gods, directly due to Helsinki's love of balsamic vinegar. Try it: 2 long glugs of olive oil, one good glug of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of honey.

2. Walked home in the pitch dark at 6 pm. It had rained, but wasn't raining anymore which made me feel lucky. I am so rarely out in the night, it reminded me how sleek one feels in the dark.

3. The girls wanted to watch a film and we settled on Dirty Dancing. Timeless chicklet flick -- they got up and danced during the credits. It was a little bittersweet for me, watching young Patrick Swayze, and knowing now how he ended up. Is this the kind of thing one has to look forward to, with one's idols of youth? Probably.

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