02 November 2009

Because the blogosphere needs beauty

I'm going to start doing Three Beautiful Things, or 3BT, for the very good reason that the world needs as much beauty as possible.

If you don't know the original 3BT, please check out the lovely blog by Clare Grant, link either just above or to the right on my blog roll ("If you can't stand the heat...").

The idea is to simply "record three things that have given me pleasure" each day. There are many 3BT blogs listed on Clare's Roll of Honour, if you are interested....

Anyway, here's mine for today.

Dentist, slanty sunlight, and cheesecake

1. Helsinki's dentist appointment for this afternoon has been cancelled. Not that we don't like our dentist. We just like the reprieve a bit better.

2. The sunlight is slanting over the top of the building across the street, right into my window.

3. The chocolate cheesecake I made for Sunday tastes EVEN BETTER today.

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