30 November 2009

“Devise, wit; write, pen...”

My writers workshop meets tonight... those of us who are struggling on with it. Although admittedly lately I am having a different sort of struggle. The workshop has been a solid one and is now in its 7th year running. I've received some very good feedback over the course of these years and learned a lot about the craft of writing. But right now what I would most like to do, and most need to do, is hole up for a few months and write my current project. I don't want anyone to see it or read it or make a comment before I feel ready. I don't want to be distracted, either, by making some token submission to the workshop (and what a waste of every one's time that would be), just because it's my turn. The problem is that I feel pressure to be a "productive member", particularly given the group's current weakened state. I don't know how this can be resolved without the group being understanding and accommodating. No other member has raised this issue before. But it has to work for everyone, right? Just because no one else has had this issue doesn't mean we can't find a solution. Well, anyway, I like to think so. So I am going to try to resolve some of this tonight...

Quote is from Shakespeare, in Love's Labour's Lost: “Assist me some extemporal god of rime, for I am sure I shall turn sonneter. Devise, wit; write, pen; for I am for whole volumes in folio.”

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  1. Far be it for me to comment on this, having been the last rat to jump ship, but decisions are to be made. Your work or your good fellowship to other writers?

  2. I fear I may be too late but it occurs to me that as a writer you could write a story where these points are an issue. This way you may get interesting remarks that are non-partisan and not personal.