19 November 2009

Season of mists...

from the grounds at The Hurst near Clun, Shropshire

I have been away in Shropshire at an Arvon writing course. I wasn't sure whether I would blog about it -- I don't, you know, blog about everything. But it was such a fantastic week that I feel compelled now to share the experience, especially for anyone who is thinking they might like to do one. I have been on Arvon courses before -- for poetry, in 2003 or 2004, and on an untutored writing retreat in 2006 (or thereabouts). Each time I left the course refreshed and energized and ready to push myself further with the writing. Last week, however, was simply the best. I learned more than I ever imagined I would about "Starting to Write a Novel", with tutors Tiffany Murray and Edward Docx, who were both absolutely wonderful. It is too much to write about all in one post, so I'll be writing about it in bits and pieces over the next week or so, along with some of the photos I took in my early morning walks. By the way, I was wearing these:

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