06 January 2010

Back/Not Back

I know, I'm supposed to be back. Back on track. Back in the saddle. Back to bed is more like it, though. I love my bed. I may have mentioned this before. I love lying there (laying there? both sound right) in the lovely warmth, a little cooler on the outside than the inside, half awake in the dark. Daylight is no more than a concept. A gleam in the universe's eye. Are we certain that human beings couldn't hibernate? Think of all the energy we'd save. And what would we miss? Some snow, some slush. Sales of overpriced, poorly-made goods. Some of those king's cakes, that nobody actually likes...

.... Topped off with dark's lock-down, every day at four-thrity. Hibernation has some real untapped potential, it seems to me. I'd like to emerge, all rested and clear-headed, oh.... maybe sometime in March. When the crocuses come. That would be more like it. Give me a nudge then, will you?

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1 comment:

  1. I can't give you a nudge now because I am hibernating! I've often thought I was the only person on earth who could hibernate! I love my bed... in fact I just got out of it! See you in March lol