12 February 2010


As I walked this morning I realized I just needed to be in motion. The walking is part of the process, I keep learning, over and over. I was lucky this morning to find myself with a series of destinations. My mind felt empty and hollow, as though there was nothing to be brought out of it. It is not unlike the sensation of being in between breaths. If you pay attention to breathing, you will see that sometimes it happens, that there is a pause after breathing out, before you start another breath in. Sometimes it seems quite long, even, but it is completely natural, and if you just watch your breathing, you find that the next breath does come. I've never once panicked or feared that I would stop breathing in between breaths, even when I sat there, cross-legged, wondering when it would happen. It starts up again of its own accord, or the body's, in its own time. Perhaps not an earth-shattering discovery, that. But it comforted me this morning.

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