05 November 2010

Day 5, 8000 words

Still writing. More than 8000 words. The brick wall comes next week, or maybe the week after. I don't know. I just hear rumours. I wanted to go for 2000 words today instead of the 1666.66666 but I maybe didn't pick the best day. Got hijacked this morning by a completely unexpected email....But let's not go there. Let's think happy thoughts, encouraging thoughts, motivating thoughts. Such as, wouldn't it be nice if I wrote this thing and edited it and then sold it? Maybe I should put that on a sticky note and hang it over my head like the proverbial carrot...

Am I allowed to use this? Hell if I know. It came from here.

Meanwhile, there are 185,587 people participating in NaNoWriMo, and 3215 signed up for the local region which is The Low Counties -- The Netherlands and Belgium.  Very Dutch on the forum, with one lone Francophone looking for someone to write in French with. Lots of write-ins all over The Netherlands. Not so much action in Belgium - mostly in Antwerp and Gent, nothing in Brussels.  I am tempted to try to organize one. Maybe for the last week. I'll think about it.

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