20 December 2010

A River of Stones

I'm so pleased to have discovered A River of Stones. During the month of January, I'll be writing a small stone every day and posting it here. What's a small stone you ask? Well, a small stone is a polished moment of attention. The idea is that you pay attention to one thing every day and write about it. If you check out my blog roll you'll find Fiona Robyn's a small stone blog. Pop over and you'll see. Or check out this actual stone. Fiona and her partner Kaspa created River of Stones as a project to encourage people to engage with the world through writing. I love the small stone's haiku-like nature and the contrast of a small polished moment strikes me as a perfect counter-pose to my recent November experience. I am afraid that too many of my stones will be about coffee but I will endeavour to extend my limits. For now, I leave you with this image from my home state: the Petoskey stone... legacy of the pre-historic coral reef that once existed over the state of Michigan.

petoskey stone image credit

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