09 February 2011

Still life with curve balls

I've finally found my way back to my desk. Post-Christmas, Post-New Year's, Post-2 Week Visit from Parents, Post-A Couple of Slam-dunk Curve Balls, thank you Life! The desk is still here. Hallelujah, desk. The desk and the window and the world outside staying outside, right where I like it. The writing plan I made for this year is officially out the window too, but the best laid plans and all that jazz, I'll get over it. I feel over it. My god, but I do not thrive on stress and change. If there was any doubt about it, all doubts are resolved as of this morning. I thrive on dull. I thrive on routine. Did I somehow appear ungrateful to the Powers that Be, for dull and routine? Powers that Be, I assure you I am grateful!

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