27 September 2011

Service With A Smile

Last night trying to do some online banking, a friend of mine got a message that his digipass didn't work and that he should use the new card reader he was sent. Now, my friend had received several emails about this new toy but never received one. So he went into the bank, asked what was up and was informed that they had sent one in July to his address in the UK. My friend had made clear to them on at least two previous occasions, however, that everything should be sent to the Brussels address, not the UK address.  So the card reader made the third time they sent stuff there.

So my friend says, "OK, fine, just give me a reader."

"That'll take ten days sir."

"Ten days? I tell you what, don't order one, I'm closing my account."

At this point the bank clerk burst into tears and begged him not to.

No, she didn't. She simply replied, "Would you like to close it right now?"

ING Bank: reaching all-new lows in customer service. Score: A big fat F, especially because the only time the bank clerk was actually helpful was when my friend said he was closing his account.

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  1. ING has been my primary bank for decades. After the Dutch bank took it over a few years ago, they are trying to get rid of customers who are not corporate. ING is firing its staff and changing banks into auto tellers exclusively. Owing my own business, I have my auto insurance with ING, and when I asked for a yearly invoice for my taxes, the reply was: "We don't do that unless you are a major company. Just photocopy the relevant bank slips and give that to your accountant." I am letting ING lapse and will be out of there soon. But they do not care; it is what they want.