11 November 2011

The Creative Collection

From time to time I realize again how necessary balance is. Sometimes I have to give more time and energy into what I do for a livelihood than usual, and what happens is that the part of me that really makes me feel me/good/true gets the short end of the stick. A couple of days out of balance, and -- like being out of the office a few days and returning to a mountain of email -- it takes awhile to right the balance again. I like my day job but it isn't my raison d'etre. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have convergence there. Would I start to detest/resent my creative projects, since they would now be the source of my livelihood? Or would I be just so excited, that I was doing something I loved and it sustained me? Well, that's a question I hope to be able to address later. In the meantime, when I get out of sorts, when I haven't been able to devote even 5 minutes in the morning to my notebook (grrr), sometimes I go to the following places to help get me back on track, and remind me where true north lies....

Sustainably Creative with Michael Nobbs
The Creative Intelligence Blog with Orna Ross
Path of Possibility with Sage Cohen
Zen Habits with Leo Babauta
The Art of Non-Conformity Blog with Chris Guillebeau

I don't always comment on their blogs but I am always grateful to their wisdom, succintness, and capacity to share their experience.

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