20 June 2012

Infrequnetly Asked Question No. 2: Why doesn't this blog have all the answers?

A lot of blogs I see give advice.

How to do X, how to do Y, how you can improve your Z in 10 easy steps, in 10 minutes a day!

Then they'll try to sell you their guide to life, the universe and everything.

Sometimes I admire these bloggers. Others of them get right up my nose.

I have to confess -- or maybe assure you -- that this blog has no answers.

It has never pretended to have them, and never will.

As far as I can see, this blog will continue to be inconsistent, unsystematic, dare I say organic, and make no attempt to sell you anything or "monetize" (what a horrible word),  in direct contradiction to all the so-called collected wisdom about how to have a "successful" blog...

and be quite happy about it.

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